How The Internet Reacted – “The Labour Party is now a threat”


Not long after Jeremy Corbyn was elected the new leader of the Labour Party, David Cameron and his Conservative’s went on the offensive. Predictable – but perhaps not incredibly well judged by the Prime minister.

As would be expected, this caused quite a backlash on social media. Here are some of the best of the bunch from twitter:

SNP MP for Glasgow South pretty much summed everyone’s feelings up without using words.

James McMahon gave the prime minister some measured advice –

This documentary filmmaker seemed suspicious to say the least –

Jill Rowe has this correction to make – 

Of course, in true spirit of the internet, there was a triumphant amount of sarcasm. Here are some of our favourites –

And then there were those people who bluntly called it out the way they saw it – 

You leave your child in a pub, and you’ll never live it down –

And this Labour Party supporter who pulled Cameron up on his government’s record – 

Our personal favourite, was this remark –

And predictably someone was quickly onto Photoshop, editing a mail out by the Conservative Party to their supporters, to express their opinion –



The fear of politics is a powerful tool, as proved by the general election – but this reaction shows that the public aren’t quite as brainless as David Cameron and his Tory cronies seem to believe.