Oy with the Poodles! Gilmore Girls is coming back

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons

On the 29th January, after nearly four months of speculation, Netflix finally confirmed that Gilmore Girls would be returning to screens with the original team intact. Meaning dream team Amy Sherman-Palladino and her exec-producing husband, Daniel Palladino, taking control once again – only this time,  adding directing to their job description.

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
On the 29th Jan, Lauren Graham tweeted “I CAN NOW CONFIRM: it’s time for me, and this jacket I stole in 2007, to return to work.

With Lauren Graham (Parenthood, Web Therapy), Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants), Scott Patterson (Aliens in America, Saw V) and Kelly Bishop (Bunheads) publicly acknowledging their return to the show, I’ll admit I screamed.  

More and more cast members began to step forward and filming began earlier this month and for many cast members. For those who practically grew up on the Warner Bros. lot, it must have felt like returning home for the first time in eight years. 

The cast began to feel a revival might be possible during the ATX reunion in June 2015. Even then they knew it would be an emotional experience for them all. The time had to be right. Lucky for us, it is. 

Here’s what we know so far:

There will be four episodes spanning a year. Each episode will take place in one season and will be told in 90-minute instalments.

So they’re effectively giving us four films. Who else thinks Netflix is going to make us suffer between instalments? I’m still in heaven, don’t get me wrong. We’ve just waited eight years for this and I’m not sure we can wait a year to get all the story.

Gilmore Girls: Seasons will begin in the same fashion as Gilmore Girls once did….

… with the Gilmore women going through a difficult change in their lives. I can only assume that change is going to be devastating and will probably have us all in tears for the first 30 minutes. Of course, I’m referring to the death of the Gilmore patriarch, Richard Gilmore.

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
Emily and Richard agreeing for once.

Edward Herrmann, unfortunately, passed away in 2014. His loss will be keenly felt by Kelly Bishop who will now spend a good deal of her year being reminded of the fun the pair used to have on set.

My guess is that Lorelai and Emily have drifted apart and Rory’s either off gallivanting around the world as a reporter or is hauled up in the White House communications office. The event that will pull them all back to Hartford and each other will be Richard’s passing.

Or maybe not. In an interview with TVLine, Bishop noted that the first of the four episodes would actually take place four months after Richard’s passing. That suggests that the Gilmore’s might have a lot more drama on their plates come the opening of “Winter.”

Bishop did promise us manic Emily though. Anyone else feel sorry for what’s coming at Lorelai in the near future?

She also suggested to TVLine that by the time episode four comes around an entire year will have passed and Emily will begin to emerge from the pain of her loss.  She continued to surmise that if Emily were to find new love, it would most likely be in the final instalment, “Fall.”

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
Rory’s guys together at ATX

All of Rory’s men are returning.

Jared, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, The Whispers) and Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife) have been official announced and have probably already returned to the Warner Bros. lot in the last few weeks.

The question is who is Rory with? Scott Paterson and Milo declared “none of them” at the Gilmore Girls reunion in Texas but I’m not so sure: they’re back for a reason. A-SP told TVline that Rory is single but she has something planned and I, for one, hope she’s soon to be with Jess. Given that he’s in 3 of 4 episodes, I’m feeling pretty confident.

However, Gregg Henry has also been confirmed. For those drawing a blank, that’s Logan’s father – the formidable man who once broke Rory and kicked off her devastating fall from grace. His presence doesn’t bode well for anyone as far as I’m concerned but we shall see. A-SP may have a secret plan for revenge lined up that we aren’t clued up on.

Most of Lorelai’s men are also back.

Of course, there’s no way A-SP would torture Rory and let Lorelai off the hook. Both Scott Paterson and David Sutcliffe, Rory’s dad and Lorelai’s on again off again love interest, are returning. No sign of Scott Cohen but I’m hoping Lorelai and Max’s issues were put to bed for good in season three. But you never know, it has been eight years.

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
Danny Strong tweeted: “Back at Stars Hollow! @liza_weil #GilmoreGirlsRevival”

Almost all the Stars Hollow gang have signed on.

  • Lane (Keiko Agena)
  • Kirk (Sean Gunn) – who some people speculate is now mayor of Stars Hollow.
  • Taylor (Michael Winters) – but then what would Taylor be doing? Camping outside Luke’s shop to uphold his right to free speech?
  • Paris (Liza Weil – How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal) – who must be running a Fortune 500 company on the side of running a hospital.
  • Doyle (Danny Strong – writer of Empire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2) – when we left Doyle he has promised Paris that he would go anywhere her career took her. Do we think they’re still together? His return suggests they are or they’ll be getting back together soon. 
  • Michel (Yanic Truesdale) – who still works at the Dragonfly and is probably still moaning about carbs. Or maybe not. Maybe he moved on to sugar? Or meat?
  • Zack (Todd Lowe – True Blood) & Brian (John Cabrera)– really hoping these two have finally dropped an album or two. Eight years. It could happen. Oh and that Brian actually has his own place.
  • Mrs Kim (Emily Kuroda) – I have no idea. The thought of Mrs Kim ever changing is rather unsettling so I just can’t even.
  • Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
    Miss Patty’s Dance School as it currently looks on the Warner Bros. Lot. Images from TVLine.

    Gypsy (Rose Abdoo – Scandal, Parenthood) we all need a bit of Gypsy sarcasm in our lives again.

  • Miss Patty (Liz Torres) – well, just take a look at the image to the left. Miss Patty is being Miss Patty only she’s expanded her repertoire.
  • Babette (Sally Struthers) – I hope she’s still as kooky as ever. Although, on-screen husband, Morey Dell, played by Ted Rooney hasn’t signed on yet. Could it be that Babette is going to be dealing with a loss along with the Gilmore women?
  • Andrew (Mike Gandolfi) – Rory’s favourite bookseller is back.
  • April (Vanessa Marano – Switched at Birth, Dexter) – Oh no. I’m not sure anyone is too happy about this development. The fact that her return has been announced must mean that she’s back in Stars Hollow or she’s coming back to Stars Hollow. We can only hope she grew out of her annoying habits. She is 22 after all.
  • Finn (Tranc Sade) & Colin (Alan Loayza) – Their presence doesn’t bode well for Logan. Has Logan changed? Or are Colin and Finn still talking him into jumping off cliffs? I can’t imagine a world where these hilarious fools actually hold down a 9-5 office job.
  • Caesar (Aris Alvarado) – still a pain in Luke’s neck?
  • Jackon (Jackson Douglas) – Jackson will be returning without Sookie.

Melissa-gate is a thing.

As yet, A-lister Melissa McCarthy (Spy, Tammy, The Heat)  has not signed on. Even worse, after A-SP told TVline that she would take McCarthy in any form she could get her for any small amount of time she could give, McCarthy announced via Twitter that she had not been invited to the Gilmore Girls party.

That’s hard to believe considering A-SP had just said she would write her a scene on the spot with less than a day’s notice. That’s not an easy thing to pull off. The woman’s going to be directing AS WELL and the scripts are FINISHED. 

Either way, I can only assume that the message failed to reach her. After all, it is highly plausible that her dedicated team would rule out a Gilmore Girls reunion solely on the grounds of time and money. For a box office hit like McCarthy, taking out time to film for Gilmore Girls wouldn’t make financial sense.

The fact that Jackson is set to return for at least one episode says A-SP has found a way around the huge hole Sookie’s absence will leave in our hearts. Maybe she’s off running her own restaurant somewhere?

Sutton Foster has been cast in an undermined role.

Some are speculating that this might be a crossover between A-SP’s Bunheads and Gilmore Girls. That, however, would probably get confusing since Kelly Bishop was also in Bunheads. What we do know is that she plays a role in Lorelai’s life. Maybe she’s the new chef at the Dragonfly?  Not that anyone could replace Sookie. 

Who is Eric and why do I feel like he’s going to be standing between a Lorelai and Chris reunion?

If you take a look at IMDB, Armand Vasquez is listed as playing Eric. Now he’s only been listed for one episode but so has David Sutcliffe so I’m not ruling anything out at this point.

There do seem to be some key cast missing from the line-up.

It’s entirely possible that deals are still being worked on. After all, they have only just started filming after months of negotiations. But not everyone is as busy as McCarthy.

As already noted, Ted Rooney, Babette’s husband is missing. A quick comparison between TVLine’s confirmed cast, IMDB’s episode listings and seven seasons worth of Gilmore Girl’s cast, also reveals that Rini Bell, Kirk’s serious girlfriend, Lulu, is missing. As is Luke’s sister, Liz, played by Kathleen Wilhoite and her annoying husband, T.J (Michael DeLuise).

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
Chris and Lorelai don’t see eye to eye all that often

Has Drella (Alex Borstein) left the inn? Who’ll shout at the guests when they’re stupid? Michel’s too passive aggressive to get the job done overtly.

And where is GG?

The kid will be 22. I can’t believe she’d stay in Paris for eight years and not visit her father. Can you? They haven’t cast any unfamiliar women young enough to play GG as off yet so we’re going to have to assume she’ll get a passing mention. I’m not sure whether to rejoice or frown at that.

Christina Bevan Gilmore Girls: Seasons
Paul Anka (Sparky) on the Stars Hollow lot

Paul Anka is back.

And not just any Paul Anka. The actual dog who played Paul Anka eight years ago. I don’t even want to think about how old Sparky must be by now. I’m just going to continue to be impressed that they’re bring back the original dog. Talk about authenticity.

The final four words.

There’s been this big thing about the final four words of the final episode, “Fall.” Not a single cast member is spilling, though. No matter how much reporters beg.

Lauren Graham revealed in an interview with TVLine that the final four words don’t belong to just one character. A-SP reportedly told her, because she hadn’t read the final script by then, that they would be spoken by “both of you.”

I take that to mean both Lorelai and Rory. Can’t quite imagine the show would end on anyone but Lorelai and Rory. But stranger things have happened – like Rory becoming Dean’s mistress.

Either way, A-SP has promised us a long overdue year of Gilmore drama with a resolution thrown in there at some point.

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