The people must unite, all must vote, the cancerous Tories must be rejected


After months of denying she would call a snap general election, Theresa May has proved just how reliable her word is and has done exactly the opposite. She claims she needs to gain a mandate she has to date insisted she already had. In fact, from here on in it might be safer just to presume May will always do, and means, the complete opposite from what she says – not only is the lady for turning, she’s for making complete U-turns. Now is the time for the people to wipe the smirk off of her face, reject her damaging hard-Brexit agenda, and kick the Tories out of Parliament once and for all.

Theresa May’s decision is one of utter self-interest, as she seeks to ‘crush’ all the democratic voices who want to hold her and her government to account and who might stand in the way of her damaging right wing agenda. The truth is, May does not have the backing of the majority of her party and only a slender majority, and she is gambling that she can achieve an increased majority.

She’s is perhaps also worried about the number of MP’s currently under investigation by the Crown Prosecution Service for electoral fraud in relation to election expenses at the 2015 general election. If these results were declared void, she would lose her majority. Could this fact have played a part in her decision to call an election, hence dissolving Parliament before the CPS get a chance?

One thing that is for certain, despite her claims to the contrary, May does not act in the interests of the country, and must be made to regret her decision to call for a snap general election. The pathological liar must go.

Progressives and socialists may currently be fearful, the news certainly did not bring with it winds of optimism, many are predicting that the Conservatives will win an overwhelming majority with Labour set to be decimated – but we owe it to our future generations to fight like we have never fought before. We cannot allow ourselves to look them in the eye and not be able to swear we didn’t do our utmost to stop an agenda that will undeniably damage life chances for generations to come.

Despite what the media will tell you Labour can win, hope can conquer hate. But we all have to get our heads together and spread the message. Speak to your family, speak to your friends, show them the facts and dispel the lies the newspapers spread. The Tories have been for years pitching us against each other, their favoured divide and rule tactic. You can tell them no, you can demand a better society that works for the masses and not just the elite. We finally have an opposition that is offering an alternative and not simply a watered down version of Tory policy.

Corbyn can make a success of this election, but only if the Labour party gets behind him and is not prepared to throw the election to rid themselves of him.

A key will be encouraging those who do not usually vote to mobilise. The youth, who traditionally stay at home, must head to the ballots: there has never been a more important time to ensure a future they themselves can control. Labour, SNP, Green Party and Lib Dems must all get their heads together in a progressive alliance to keep the Tories out.

The media has conducted an attempted character assassination on Jeremy Corbyn since day one. If he is so “unelectable” as they claim them why the need for this? Unless they are running scared of the man and his ideas. The media is run by a small number of super-rich moguls, their greedy way of life is certainly threatened by a figure who tries to mobilise the masses and create a fairer future for all, where children don’t have to grow up in poverty so the super-rich can afford that second luxury yaught.

An appeasement of hatred and de facto tolerance of racism, the complete privatisation of the NHS, her transforming of the UK into a tax haven and her leadership into the hardest of Brexits that will deprive our children of their future is the fate that most likely awaits us if a Conservative majority is returned on 9th June.

I would make a plea to all those who might have formed opinions on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour based on what the opinion of the mass media is: look at his and Labour’s policies, line them up directly against Tory plans and results – if you can plainly look at them and tell me that the Tory agenda will be better for you, and for the lives of your children, then go ahead and vote for them. If you want a better, fairer, more accepting and moral society then you must use your vote to remove the Tories from power. A Tory landslide would be calamitous for the country.

We are bound by an electoral system that favours the Conservative’s, and they will fight a dirty, hateful campaign – indeed they have already announced in a rather authoritarian move that there will be no TV debates during the election campaign – hiding many of their damaging plans away from public view, not wanting her government’s record to be brought into public debate. The prime minister’s refusal to engage her opponents in debate is shameful, her contempt for the nation is an affront to our democracy, demagogic in fact.

Corbyn ran rings around his leadership opponents in hustings on both occasions he was elected leader of the party, is Theresa May running scared that people may start to agree with his idea’s and principles without the smoke and mirrors of newspaper misrepresentation? After all, polls do show there is great support among the public for a number of Labour policies.

It’s not unpatriotic to disagree with and distrust Theresa May, look around you, take in the carnage that years of Tory rule has caused. Ignore what the Daily Mail cry that you should think and vote with your heads.

Wages are starting to fall, prices are rising, more children are set to live in poverty, the NHS is buckling, the education system will follow, the disabled are being kicked out of their wheelchairs, our human and employment rights are under threat. All this will only get worse under May and the Conservatives.

The system is undoubtedly rigged, as Jeremy Corbyn announced in his first press conference of the campaign. There is now alternative on offer. If you want a better future for our children, you must vote Labour on 8th June. We must finally reject the nasty party once and for all.

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