Book Review – How To Be Here (Rob Bell)


The past couple of months have been hectic; not only have I published my own book and launched my subscription box business, but I have just completed my A Level exams. Moreover, overthinking is something I have a lot of trouble with; something that’ll be very little, I’ll think about it over and over until I actually worry myself. I’ve tried to find ways to help me with this – from meditation exercises to watching YouTube videos and although they’ve helped for a short period of time, they never really had long-lasting effects.

I’ve always loved reading motivational books; they’ve kept me on track and inspired. However, How To Be Here by American motivational speaker, Rob Bell was definitely an eye opener and something different to other books I have read. Perhaps this is because he made it very personal, or the way in which he directly speaks the reader. It is certainly a unique read.

This book has helped me learn how to live in the moment and take each day, as well as each circumstance, as it comes.

How To Be Here consists of small chapters where Bell tells the reader about certain situations he experienced and how he encountered them. He also asks the reader rhetorical questions allowing them to think about their own lives and teaches them how they can change their mindset by using certain techniques.

One particularly inspirational reads: ‘How we deal with what happens to us; even the most painful, excruciating things that we never wanted, is a creative act.’

That’s something I’ve taken aboard and applied to my daily life which has made me a lot happier; rather than sitting and doing nothing about something that’s bothering me, I’ve learnt ways with how to deal with certain situations and how to be in the moment. I’ve learnt to accept things as they are and realise everything happens for a reason.