Migration in an increasingly nationalistic Europe

At a quick glance of Europe, we can observe how countries that should be at the forefront for technological and economic development seem to be regressing into an attitude of strong nationalism.

20 reasons why Boris Johnson isn’t fit to be Prime Minister

He is congenitally dishonest, he appears to lack any moral compass at all - to cut a long story short, he's a liability and a calamity waiting to happen.

EU Elections: is there any way out of this Brexit black hole?

The country is a shambles, and may never recover its dignity on the world stage - what a cataclysmic mess. Rest in peace Britannia, killed by lies, false promises, empirical style propaganda, vested interests, and gross ineptitude.

Capitalism is killing our planet: we must act now

Capitalism is driven by the endless pursuit of profit, and that's the stumbling block we must cross to save the planet we inhabit. Instead of having our humanity subverted to serve the marketplace, capitalism has to either be made to serve human ends and goals, or it has to be toppled.

Theresa May’s Brexit Chequemate – is she criminally inept or just plain stupid?

Theresa May staked her reputation on her Chequers Brexit deal - but it was never going to work, it crossed the red lines the...

Surely it’s time to at least reform, if not abolish, the monarchy

As the nation again, according to the media at least, is gripped by royal fever, this article will stir some controversy, I'm sure -...

Windrush: Heads must roll, Theresa May & Amber Rudd must resign

What does it take to bring down such an incompetent and contemptuous government? Apparently not even the Windrush scandal, possibly the worst political fiasco...

Nothing good can come of military action in Syria

Britain, France and the United States have conducted overnight airstrikes on Syria, a country that has already been subject to atrocious acts, a country...

Theresa May is an incompetent middle manager with no Brexit vision

Like or loathe them, and agree or disagree with their ideology or not, the likes of Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Tony Blair were...

Do the Tories and their media allies know they could get Jeremy Corbyn killed?

The Sun recently remarked that Jeremy Corbyn had met with a member of the Czech intelligence service, and was an informer of the Soviet...