Theresa May’s Brexit Chequemate – is she criminally inept or just plain stupid?

Theresa May staked her reputation on her Chequers Brexit deal - but it was never going to work, it crossed the red lines the...

Capitalism is killing our planet: we must act now

Capitalism is driven by the endless pursuit of profit, and that's the stumbling block we must cross to save the planet we inhabit. Instead of having our humanity subverted to serve the marketplace, capitalism has to either be made to serve human ends and goals, or it has to be toppled.

EU Elections: is there any way out of this Brexit black hole?

The country is a shambles, and may never recover its dignity on the world stage - what a cataclysmic mess. Rest in peace Britannia, killed by lies, false promises, empirical style propaganda, vested interests, and gross ineptitude.

Migration in an increasingly nationalistic Europe

At a quick glance of Europe, we can observe how countries that should be at the forefront for technological and economic development seem to be regressing into an attitude of strong nationalism.

This was what Brexit was about all along, try not to act too surprised

Cabinet members have reportedly demanded the government ditches safeguards post Brexit which were designed by the EU to protect employees from working excessive hours - but...

Surely it’s time to at least reform, if not abolish, the monarchy

As the nation again, according to the media at least, is gripped by royal fever, this article will stir some controversy, I'm sure -...

Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

On 25 May 2016, the Psychoactive Substances Act (see here for the full content) came into force.  Its purpose is a blanket ban on the so-called “legal highs”...

Theresa May & the Tories judged on their record

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British Racism: why can’t we shift Structural & Institutional Racism?

A mistrust of something you do not understand, fear of the unknown, feeling threatened by something different to your idea of normality or fear...