A person's right to fair and equal treatment does not warrant a discussion. Instead, it demands for society to side with what is morally just and to do what is necessary to honour such a right.

"The truth is that the referendum was reduced to such a crude choice that no one knows exactly what the majority voted for. Rather than encouraging an informed politics, it has made our system even more reductive.Whatever happens now, it will be messy - a referendum can’t resolve the deep national rift, but it can clear the pungent smell that has tainted the political air."

He is congenitally dishonest, he appears to lack any moral compass at all - to cut a long story short, he's a liability and a calamity waiting to happen.

The country is a shambles, and may never recover its dignity on the world stage - what a cataclysmic mess. Rest in peace Britannia, killed by lies, false promises, empirical style propaganda, vested interests, and gross ineptitude.

Capitalism is driven by the endless pursuit of profit, and that's the stumbling block we must cross to save the planet we inhabit. Instead of having our humanity subverted to serve the marketplace, capitalism has to either be made to serve human ends and goals, or it has to be toppled.