Recipe – Gluten Free Oat and Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

Muffins might not be the most healthy of breakfast foods, but they can still be enjoyed as an occasional treat, right?

If you feel a little guilty about eating cake for breakfast then fear not, these bundles of oaty goodness are packed full of energy and are chock-full of blueberries, which are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C.  

This recipe is completely gluten free and is suitable for those with Coeliac Disease or gluten intolerance. If you struggle with oats, you can swap the oat flour for the same amount of almond flour or gluten free plain flour. This recipe is also free of xanthan gum which some coeliacs can find difficult to tolerate.  

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Antonia Gentile
Antonia is a musician and food writer based in London. After being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2012, Antonia started developing gluten free recipes which she shares on her blog www.titchyton.comAntonia is most at home with a cup of tea and good book and has a penchant for Jazz, cats & dogs, lipstick, and all things vintage.