Mindfulness 101 – How To Have A Mindful Holiday


Welcome to Mindfulness 101 – The series that introduces you to the ways and means to introduce mindfulness techniques into your lifestyle.

This week I decided to detail things that helped combat my anxiety of flying during a flight to Spain and hopefully they could be of help to you.

The Mindfulness Flight

Now I’m not a seasoned flier or adventurer. Before this holiday I had only ever been to two other countries in my lifetime, and three of these four holidays were to Disney resorts. So even though I knew that my other half would be there to enjoy the week with there were a lot of subjects that were causing anxiety in me before I left for Spain – one of which was the idea of flying alone.

So with all my anxiety I had to come up with a plan of how to clear my mind from what was happening and to not freak out. Now what worked for me may not work for you but hopefully it may give you some ideas. 

  1. Music for Takeoff – Playing music that you enjoy can help to bring familiarity and to help combat anxiety. Another option is to choose one song to play on repeat for the duration of the runway and takeoff with the incentive that once takeoff is finished you can change songs, this can help reverse your approach to takeoff in making you want it to happen instead of not.
  2. Addictive Puzzle Games – This is one of the rare events that games such as Candy Crush and Best Fiends are really effective in clearing the mind. The addictive nature of these games helps to increase focus on the levels instead of on your surroundings and situation meaning that effectively you should feel calmer flying.
  3. Rollercoaster Imagery – Personally a way I calmed my mind was imagining that the flight was a rollercoaster and that there was a track beneath the plane. This was because my main fear was that there would be no connection to the ground. The imagery of a track also helped myself relate the flight to a train journey which further relaxed me.
  4. Wear Something Comfy – Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable will always help make the experience easier. This also includes bringing a flight pillow or similar to rest your head against.
  5. The Cabin Crew – Remember that the cabin crew are there to make the experience as comfortable as possible. If when taking your seat your feels anxious, ensure that one of the cabin crew are aware. They will then be aware that you may need support throughout the flight and also be able to provide you with advice.
  6. The Final Destination – Finally, remember what is at the end of the flight. The image of the conclusion will help remind you that there is a reward at the end of the flight and an incentive to relax.

Virgin Atlantic have created this video for passengers who have fear of flying. Hopefully something in this article can be useful to you for any upcoming flights like they were for me.

The next article in the series will be covering creating a “Mindful Quotes Journal”.