TV Review – Pretty Little Liars


WARNING: May Contain Spoilers

The Liars are back and not much has changed in Rosewood, at least not for the Liars and the people who taint their free lives. If only we could say they’d grown during their five years of freedom.

Pretty Little Liars returned on the 13th of January after a five-year jump. The Liars were summoned to Rosewood to lie one last time for Allison. They were called to reassure a judge that they are no longer afraid of Charlotte. One last lie for Ali, right? Aria didn’t think so and she was the only one who spoke out against such a ridiculous idea.

Nevertheless, Charlotte’s release came and it fired off the newest round of Rosewood secrets. Who murdered the psychopath? Of course, it couldn’t be anyone but the Lairs because that would be too logical.

No, not much has changed on this show. It’s been updated, sure. The tone is different, it’s slightly more mature and the music reflects that. The clothes are different because well how else do you visibly age a bunch of actors who have been faking teenager for six years? You could start by placing alcohol in every scene possible. Shoot. They already thought of that.

The most drastic change in that town is Radley. Now the insane have easy access to spa pampering and enough alcohol to drown themselves should they feel inclined.

Despite old habits clearly dying hard with the Liars and the Rosewood police force, there might just be enough old and new questions floating around to keep the intrigue up through to season seven’s final curtain call. We’ll see.

What I really want to know is who is Toby building a house for? Is Hannah’s fiancé actually for real? Because I’m pretty sure I smell a rat or a pawn. When did Mona forget how to be a badass? We’re seriously expected to believe Mona was swayed by the Liars testimonies?

One thing’s for sure, I’d put money on Lucas being the same jealous, twisted person he used to be and, as far as I see it, there are three suspects in that town and I’m betting Sara Harvey is pulling all of their strings.

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