Review – David Hoyle’s Mega Thursday


David Hoyle’s Mega Thursday
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

5_Star_Rating_System_4_and_a_half_starsReview: Megan Mattravers

Framed within a neon heart this show is an entertaining yet pedagogic demonstration of queer, drag and genderless performances. “Ladies, Gentlemen and all those clever enough to have transcended gender”, David Hoyle welcomes you to ‘Mega Thursday’, a presentation of big heart whilst delivering an activist attitude towards society, stereotypes and boundaries. 

David Hoyle, an English performance, avant-garde cabaret artist, singer, actor, comedian and film director, delights in this bill of variety. Exploring themes present within the LGBTQ community, Hoyle’s work ranges from satirical comedy to painting, surrealism and even striptease and ‘Mega Thursday’ is not short of any skill set. This is an evening of academically informed speeches, this month investigating the Hillsborough Disaster, followed by dance, song and the immortalisation of one lucky audience member. Within this production, David Hoyle invites you to listen, worship and immerse yourself in a world of experimental and exploratory arts. 

Mega Thursday presents a whole range of performers including special guest Jonny Woo, the magnificent and captivating Johnsmith and not to forget the marvellously engaging Fagulous.  Opening with Hoyle, this show begins with an introduction to our host, delivering a moving and provocative speech on the recent discoveries of the Hillsborough Disaster. After the interval, we then move onto a dynamic performance of Fagulous’ Kate Bush, an amalgamation of spoken word and live performance. Fagulous, a cabaret chameleon, artist and loud mouth is a performer that deserves the spotlight. It is clear that the evening encourages a whole range of artists including Fagulous, offering a platform for both young and old performers, adding to the effectiveness of the production. 

After a second interval and just enough time to grab a G and T, we are captivated by a visually beautiful act performed by the one and only Johnsmith. A performance artist who challenges gender identity, Johnsmith is one to watch. This act explores masculinity through the medium of ‘drag kinging’, a performance of absurd surrealism, that invites you to be shocked and surprised, whilst not wanting to remove your gaze. Enhanced by Hoyle’s generosity and gratitude this show is perfectly structured and moves onto the special guest of the evening, Jonny Woo, who amuses with traditional drag and cabaret. Jonny Woo a legendary London icon, drag artist ends the evening on a top note.

Mega Thursday, a monthly event is not to be missed! It is a show about collective agency, identity and active thought, whilst being relatable to a wide audience demographic. Within the production there is a connotation of a multitude of themes which include politics, identity, activism and rebellion, but at the heart of the evening is a well produced bill of cabaret and performance. This show gives the audience entertainment and enlightenment, exuding a sense of pride whilst welcoming a large audience, presenting a kindness and gratitude for all those coming to watch the show. 

No video is adequate to display the unique, infectious entertainment presented by Hoyle. The emotion, shared thought and acceptance experienced within the iconic Working Men’s Club, is incredible and I can only credit this to David and his wonderful cast of performers. Although, there needs to be more chairs, which evidently states how many audience members were at this desired event. I leave the production thrilled to have experienced a ‘Mega Thursday’, urging you to buy a ticket for next month’s extravaganza. 4.5/5

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