Mindfulness 101 – The Mindful Journal


Welcome to Mindfulness 101 – The series that introduces you to the ways and means to introduce mindfulness techniques into your lifestyle. 

In recent years one of the biggest phenomenons in terms of mindfulness exercises has been the adult colouring books. Adult colouring books are a great way to help with mindfulness as they help to bring focus but also to bring you into the present and to clear your stress and worries of the day. However with popularity/mainstream appeal comes increase in retail price which is where my “Mindful Journal” comes in as a great homemade alternative.

The Mindful Journal

The “Mindful Journal” came about earlier this year when I realised that I needed something to rely on to give me a boost if I was ever feeling low. I find inspirational quotes really helpful so I thought why not create my own quote journal. I found an empty notebook to use as a blank canvas and then started to write down a quote per page that I related to or found inspiration from.

Once my quote was on the page I got to use the page just like I would a £12 adult colouring book…a place to be creative and to relax. My main advice with creating a “Mindful Journal” is to not give yourself a fixed time period to complete sections or a schedule to do your pages as then it will turn things into a chore. I’ve found the best use is to always keep it in your bag so those moments you feel stressed or have nothing to do it is at hand.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t set a fixed time period to complete or routine – just use when you need a stress relief
  • Be creative – it’s your journal, be as creative as you like
  • Find quotes or phrases that you relate to or are helpful to you
  • Good quotes/phrases can come from anywhere – one of mine is by Winnie The Pooh but it’s such a lovely confidence booster that I had to put it in my journal
  • Use pencil first for outlines so you can erase and re-draw if there is an error, plus check before that any pens you’re using won’t bleed through the page as it means extra effort to cover up on the other side.

Most of all: have fun. As I said at the start this is a method to help with stress relief and to escape everyday life for a few minutes so just relax and play. It’s a nice bit of “me-time” to be relished and enjoyed.

I hope you find this suggestion useful and I look forward to providing more ideas in upcoming Mindfulness 101’s.