Product Review: Puentes Denver Toiletry Wash Bag


Puentes Denver’s Collection has been Meticulously Designed out of Reverence for Simple Sophistication, Resulting in a Collection that Seamlessly Integrates into any Lifestyle, from Day to Night, from Work to Play and any Occasion in Between. With a Deft Hand for Quality and a Discerning eye for Timeless Style, Puentes Denver’s Collection is Designed Especially for the Modern Man.

There are many products on the market in the same mold as this, so perhaps the key to success is a superior design or build quality – and the Puentes Denver wash bag does seem to have a slight advantage in this area.

Only time will tell how durable this item really is, but it seems to be very well crafted. It’s nylon outer shell, with padding and reinforced stitching gives it the feeling of superiority to cheaper alternatives. Its defining feature is its clever design, with multiple pockets and compartments which makes it easy to organise all your toiletries and saves time searching around the bottom of the bag for what you are looking for.

It’s neutral black design will make it suitable for use by both males and females – and could be used to hold baby essentials.

This item will be great for travelling, though it will need a hook or hanger of some sort to fulfil its usefulness – perhaps a suction cup could also be included in future design’s to eliminate the scenario where a hook is not available.

All in all, a strong product that will be ideal for the travelling type.

The Daily Spectacle obtained this product free of charge for reviewing purposes