Product Review: OSCOO Qi Wireless Charger


The OSCOO Qi Wireless Charger is well designed, and sturdily built – it almost has an Apple feel to it. The circular design is very accessible, and its light weight means it is portable and can easily be slipped into your bag. The rubber ring at the bottom of the product holds it firmly in place on most surfaces.

A USB to micro-USB charging cable is provided with the box, it is a little short but you can attach any alternative cable including the one you use to charge your phone through the mains – the item does not come with a USB plug, so you will need your own.

_DSC0031The charger will glow blue when your phone is charging, re-assuring you that the connection has been made. It charges at a good speed and as fast as conventional charging, with a 1000mA output – although some more power hungry phones might benefit from a charger with a higher output if you happen to be a person who often finds themselves in a rush.

It’s great for when in the office, or when you need to keep checking/using your phone as you don’t need to keep plugging and unplugging your device.

Most current model high-end phones are QI enabled technology, but even if you phone is not often a Qi charging chip can be purchased that attaches to your phone’s battery. Check with your phone manufacturer to be sure.

All in all, this product has a very premium feel for the price and is a good addition to those who hate the hassle of plugging and unplugging regularly.

The Daily Spectacle obtained this product free of charge for reviewing purposes