Theatre Review – Broken Fanny


Broken Fanny
The Space at Jury’s Inn, Venue 260 (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
Written by: Emma Jerrold
Directed by: Blanche McIntyre
Produced by: Something for the Weekend

5_Star_Rating_System_5_starsReviewer: Laura Shoebottom

Emma Jerrold takes us on a beautifully intimate journey of the story of one woman and her experience of becoming a first-time mother in new comedy ‘Broken Fanny’. 

Jerrold’s performance is truthful, comic and hugely poignant – the audience really gets under the skin of this character and her insecurities about parenthood from the word go. Throughout the story; which progresses back in time, we see worry, guilt and self-doubt manifest themselves in the character as we meet the people in her life, find out her opinions of them and see how she learns to cope with being a mum. 

The writing is very clever with tonnes of humour (the in-depth conversation with a group of birds being a particular highlight) and also some very moving moments as the story continues to unfold. Alongside Blanche McIntyre’s brilliantly effective direction, Jerrold’s delivery of this character’s story is wonderful – she generates a lot of imagery and has great use of pace, tone and expression which creates a really multi-layered character that we can both laugh and cry with. 

The intimate space and simplistic set; which is made up of just a table, chair and a few props, adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere the character finds herself in for the vast majority of the play. Ash Illman provides the lighting and sound and again this works very well within the exposing context of the play with Jerrold being lit by a single spotlight which fades in and out from scene to scene.

A truly beautiful piece of writing packed full of humour and tinged with sadness. An absolute must see. 

Runs until: August 27th 2016

Playing at The Space at Jury’s Inn (Venue 260) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival