Creampuff Tears: Carmilla Is Back For One Final Season


May contain spoilers

Buckle up Creampuffs, Carmilla is back for one last time. The first act of the final season of the popular Canadian web series just dropped last week Thursday, and all I can say is it’s getting off to a deliciously good start. For those who have no idea what Carmilla is let me break it down for you.

The series is modern adaptation of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic novella of the same title, and follows Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman) a fresher at the mysterious Silas University who in the first season is trying to investigate the disappearance of her roommate, but gets stuck with a new one in the form of Carmilla Karnstein (Natasha Negovanlis). Throughout the first and second season of the series we get to see how Laura and her group of friends deal with the strange events occurring  at Silas, a place that is pretty much the Hellmouth. While dealing with all this Laura also has to deal with her transitioning relationship with Carmilla and all the complications that come with being in a relationship, even more so when your girlfriend is a vampire – which does not make things any easier.

carmillaWhat is really great about this series is how the majority of the cast and crew are female, and as an aspiring female creator myself it makes me feel so happy to see females in the industry producing such quality media and have it be so favourable and talked about, as it is often quite rare considering how the industry is still mostly dominated by men.

With a mix of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (a show I grew up watching religiously), a sprinkle of Veronica Mars and a dash of Scooby Doo watching Carmilla has been a really joyous experience I can not even put into words. It has really rejuvenated my love for vampire culture, something  that I had loved since I was a child, but began to dislike when Twilight became a thing and tweens could not decide whether they were team Edward or Jacob.

Along with the series comes its huge fanbase and ever growing online community: Carmilla has literally reached millions around the world, even helping many by giving them the strength to come out to their family and friends. I mean it is insane to see how many likes and views the series gets within a matter of minutes, which is also understandable as once you are on the Carmilla rollercoaster there is no getting off – especially considering how short some of the episodes are.

carmillaAdditionally, the series has been widely praised by many for its great representation of LGBT characters, something many film and television producers can learn from bearing in mind how a lot of LGBT characters in media have died this past year.  But Carmilla does not fall into this trap. Instead, it will just bring all of its dead characters back to life – which makes sense since it is a supernatural show.

It has also been refreshing to see a show in which lesbianism in vampire culture has been portrayed in a much more appealing and less predatory light that is not intended for the male gaze, something that I have seen to often in many vampire films and TV shows. Carmilla is definitely a queer show that LGBT fans have deserved for such a long time, and it is hard to think that season 3 will be its final season.

Something that has been really interesting is how the episodes are being released, and that is in three acts. This is very different to season one and two where two episodes were released each week. What I love about this idea is that like Netflix it gives fans the opportunity to choose how they want to watch the series, and also it is just great to get a few episodes at one time instead of waiting a week for the next one.

This season also introduces Laura’s dad Sherman Hollis played the really adorable and very talented Enrico Colantoni. Many will know him as Veronicas Mars’s dad, which is perfect casting for Laura’s dad since Veronica Mars is often referenced in the series, and in the first act of  season3  it has been really awesome to see how Sherman reacts to everything going on  at Silas and also Laura’s relationship with Carmilla since he is very overprotective and vampires pretty much equal danger in his eyes.

With its witty writing, talented and beautiful cast and brilliant pop culture references, Carmilla has been an amazing web series that has really given LGBT fans something worth watching when it comes to representation, and I am really glad that I had the chance to experience the series and become a fan, and whether you are queer or straight Carmilla is a webseries that has something for everyone.

You can watch the whole of Season 1 – 2  and Carmilla Zero on Kinda TV on Youtube and also the first Act of Season 3.