Theresa May’s contempt for the public is deplorable

Prime Minister Theresa May launches the Conservative Party Election Manifesto,(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Strong and stable, stable and strong – whichever way around you say it, and despite the fact she must drop it into every sentence she utters, Theresa May is certainly neither. Weak and wobbly seems a more appropriate phrase to use.

Theresa May’s argument for holding a General Election was that she needed to enter Brexit negotiations with a strong hand. If nothing else you should use your vote to reject such an insult to the intelligence of British voters. It was, and still is, a self-interested move and definitely not in the “national interest”.

Adopting such a belligerent tone, as she has within talks of the Brexit negotiations, is not worthy of her office and is actually likely to weaken the hand of the UK before talks have even begun. Her self-styled “bloody difficult woman” act just shows how flappable she is, this will not deceive the experienced heads of the European Union.

May’s election strategy seems to be to say as little as she can to as few people possible. Empty sloganising has replaced thought and intellectual debate. The Tories show no detailing in their policies and no plan for how they intend to shape the nation. They are a party obsessed with demanding to know where Labour are getting the money from their policies from, yet refuse to lay out any figures or costings themselves.

Mrs May expects to get the job without completing the interview, refusing to attend any televised leader debates. Journalists were shut in a room to stop them filming her trip to Cornwall. She speaks only to halls with party activists and not members of the public. She expects to win by de-facto. When asked straightforward questions she simply reels off a long list of statements that simply make no sense. It’s an affront to democracy, she’s an affront to democracy.

Parroting pre-prepared lines doesn’t get you very far in a debate format, and May knows this – hence her refusal to take part in live television debates. But people would be naive not to see past her carefully choreographed public appearances and her refusal to be held accountable by the opposition and the people of this country.

The Conservative’s showcase policy on social care, labelled the ‘dementia tax’, has caused a ruckus among the electorate – enough to cause a potential u-turn on the policy, almost unheard of for a manifesto pledge during an election campaign. People have now seen first hand that Mrs May and her party have no regard for them whatsoever, and are taking them for granted in the belief that an election victory is a given. Her contempt for the public is deplorable.

The country is arguably the most unstable it has been in years. Our NHS and social care services are on the brink of collapse, we have a massive housing crisis, homelessness crisis, mental health crisis, more people than ever are on unstable zero hour contracts. This is before any of the economic implications that Brexit might cause. This is a record Theresa May knows she cannot defend, so has instead chosen to avoid questions and say absolutely nothing whatsoever – she has turned the election into a presidential debate, hitchhiking on the mudslinging carried out against Jeremy Corbyn by Conservative backers and donors in the media.

But in the face of a grilling about the Conservative’s social care policy, sketchily outlined in their manifesto of misery, is Mrs May’s mask finally slipping?

May is not strong and stable, more arrogant and incompetent – and above that, a contemptuous liar who if elected with a large majority as many predict might just drive the country off the edge of the cliff.

Labour are closing in on the Tories in the polls, and people are warming to Jeremy Corbyn. In YouGov’s net positivity rating, Corbyn’s score has gone from -19 to +22 within the space of a month. Now the election broadcast rules have kicked in people are able to see Jeremy for what he is, not what he has been portrayed as in the right wing press, the only source most people get their dose of politics from outside of election campaigns.

Will Theresa May and the Conservative’s complacency yet get the better of them? Only time will tell, but for the sake of the country, we must hope that people are truly beginning to see her for what she is; a cowardly, contemptuous, incompetent wannabe tyrant with no regard for the people of this nation – and quite frankly we deserve better, much better.