Writer Requirements

Writer Requirements for an Article

Please always fill in the following:

  • Title
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • SEO Settings (Search Engine & Social Network Listing’s)
  • Upload image to both “Featured Image” and the image section of the SEO Social Network Listing.

There are a number of other options you will see, mostly used for reviews and for specific article layouts, which do not need to be completed.

If you are completing a review, view please see the applicable guide.

If you need struggle with any of the above, leave a note in bold at the bottom of your article and the editor will complete the settings for you – please do not tamper with any settings you do not understand.

Once you have finished your article, adjust the “pitch” setting in the “Publish” menu on the right to “Pending Review” and click “okay” – this will submit your article to the editor for publishing.

All writers are required to have an author profile page, please update your profile to include a small biography (who you are, are you at uni/school/work?, what your interests are etc. Also include a gravatar image (go to gravatar.com and sign in using the email you use for your WordPress login details).

All writers should ideally be writing 2 articles per fortnight. More would be preferable, even more would be best! But one 400 – 750 word article a week on average is our request. Active, regular writers are the key to a successful site.

Any kind of plagiarism is unequivocally against  The Daily Spectacle policy. Not only is it immoral, lazy and cheap, but it is also illegal.

We encourage our writers to be actively engaged with The Daily Spectacle social media pages. Sharing your own articles is a must, and sharing the work of other writers will inevitably bring more people to the site – it is in all of our best interests to do so, as social media advertising works by building momentum.

Rules and advice on our writing style, and our Code of Conduct can be found on The Daily Spectacle Standard page.